PayPal supports two payment types: Friend and Family and For Goods and Services. Friend and Family is the preferred payment type, but it is not available in all countries.

Payment type Friends and Family

Sending to a friends or Personal Payments

If “Friends and Family” payment type is available in your country, choose this option as my personal account is linked to the cart. If you send money to my personal account with the type “For goods and services”, it will be returned as I will not be able to withdraw it.


Payment type For Goods and Services

If the Friends and Family payment type is not available in your country, for example you are from Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Israel, Brazil, pay to my business account:

PayPal –
or –

After payment, be sure to let me know in the mail that you paid to the business account and the order ID so I know which account the money will go to and for which order.


My items are bought from many countries around the world and sometimes there are problems with payment. If you are in doubt about the payment type, please consult with me before paying. Thank you for your understanding.