Can you make a 3D model of the area I need?

Yes, I make 3D models of individual areas, regions, countries, and continents with or without textures, with or without water surface.

Send your request to or via the feedback form.

In what programs (formats) can you provide your models?

My main program is Cinema 4D (.c4d), but I can export my models in BLEND, DAE, OBJ, FBX, STL, STEP and other formats.

How well do your models match the real terrain?

To create 3D elevation models, I use various sources of satellite DEM files, i.e., data from real islands, continents, etc. I scale 3D models with coefficients 0.0000001 with respect to real sizes.
In most 3D models, I scale up in height, so that the relief does not seem too flat.

What is the maximum possible resolution of your models?

Most of the Earth is available in 38*38 m resolution, i.e., a square with a side of 38 by 38 meters of real terrain corresponds to one polygon of the 3D model. But at this resolution, the file is very large, and many programs simply can not process it. Therefore, I reduce the resolution, for example, to 200 * 200 m, then the number of polygons less and the size of the file is suitable for work in 3D programs.

U.S. is available in 10*10 m resolution.

Are your 3D models ready to be printed on a 3D printer?

I check each model for errors and mesh integrity, so there are no problems when importing into 3D printing programs, but there are so many such programs that sometimes problems arise. Then the client sends me information about the error and the name of the software, and I fix the errors.

I make open-bottom 3D models to reduce the size of the final file, and for modern 3D printing programs this is not an issue. But there are some that require a closed mesh. In this case, I close the model with a plane, check for errors and send it to the customer for free.

Are your 3D models ready to be milled on CNC machines?

Yes, my 3D models in STL or STEP format can easily be imported into CNC machine control programs such as ArtCAM or Aspire, which produce the control program for milling wood or metal.

What is the possible maximum resolution of 3D maps?

This depends on the resolution of the original historical map or satellite texture. As a rule, a resolution of 100 MPx at 300 dpi is sufficient for most tasks. That’s why I limit the resolution to 100 MPx, but if you need more, write a request.

Can you make an export 3D model of buildings from Google Earth?

Yes, send the area you want.


How much do your 3D models cost?

Depending on the complexity and time involved, the cost of my models start at $5. 3D country models are usually $25-40. If you pay with cryptocurrency you get a 15% discount. Regular customers also receive discounts depending on the number of models purchased.

What payment methods do you support?

You can pay for my 3D models with cryptocurrency or PayPal. Contact me for details.

You can also buy my models through the RenderHub and 3Dexport platforms.

Return Policy

I do not issue refunds on digital products after order confirmation and product download.
I recommend contacting me with any questions regarding 3D models prior to purchase.

Before purchasing, you can request a test 3D model, which is a part of the required model or a lower quality model. After payment, I will send you the 3D model in its original resolution and form.

You can also download free 3D models and see if they are suitable for your application.

Shipping Policy

I only sell digital products. Files can be up to 4 GB in size or more, so I only upload it to the server after confirmation from the customer.